AmeriPLATINUM Friction

Clean, Quiet Braking

For like-new performance.
Complete with the most robust hardware kit.


AmeriPRO Pads and Shoes

Premium Formulations

Fully featured for OE performance.


AmeriStar Pads

Great Value

Formulations optimized for
safe and quiet operation

Momentum USA, Inc. has earned the trust of many long term global customers for delivering the most advanced and innovative brake products. This allows Momentum USA, Inc. a continued advantage in the aftermarket for delivering first-to-market products with leading edge technology. AmeriBRAKES are progressive with regard to materials and formulation development. All pads are manufactured in our North American facility. It isn’t only the engineering and materials that make an exceptional brake pad, it requires continuous hands-on control. Having total manufacturing control in all areas of manufacturing assures 100% product quality even through distribution (which cannot always be guaranteed when sourcing across the ocean)


Performance, Clean & Quiet Braking
Like-new braking for all makes and models in one comprehensive kit
Exceeds FMVSS Requirements for Optimum Performance
Coverage includes Severe and Medium Duty

The AmeriPLATINUM line takes performance, quiet and clean braking to the next level through our innovative and advanced formulations. Included are the new generation Copper Free ceramic materials which are 100% compliant with the 2025 laws. Our design is OE matched with slots, chamfers, and optimum noise abating insulators. Additionally, each set comes with industry best high quality hardware which assists with a complete brake repair and brings the brake system to a “like-new” state. To assist with a proper job, we include high temperature lubricant.

Paired with AmeriPLATINUM rotors, AmeriPLATINUM disc brakes are the best value and right choice for repair shops, technicians and car owners who demand total quality and performance under all driving conditions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Performance Enhanced Materials and Manufacturing
    • New Generation Ceramic – Environmentally green (exceeds 2025 requirements)
      • Safe, controlled braking under all conditions
  • Noise Reduction Abutment and Caliper Components
    • Premium hardware – Corrosion resistant
      • Lasts longer to assist with quiet braking for the life of the pads
    • Compression Resistant – retains metal recovery
      • Improved pedal feel and reduces brake drag for a smoother braking experience
    • Premium Rubber components – Eliminate cracking, leaking and “stiction”
      • Lasts longer to assist with overall braking performance which includes quiet braking
  • Noise Dampening Insulators and Shims – Multi-layered corrosion resistant composites
    • Dampens noise and eliminates vibration
      • Quieter and smoother braking
  • Premium High Temperature Lubricant
    • Silarmic® is safe for all rubber components located in the brake system
      • Helps assist smoother braking, eliminating metal to metal contact


Performance Assurance
Resonance-Reducing Attributes
Clean Formulations
Applications for All Makes and Models

AmeriPRO brake pads are made with premium friction formulations and are fully
featured to meet or exceed OE performance requirements.

AmeriPRO Brake Pads
Features & Benefits:

  • Abutment Hardware Included
    • Always replace abutment clips for best brake system results
  • Resonant Dampening Shim Technology
    • Dampens noise and eliminates vibration
  • Slots and Chamfers
    • Noise abatement and optimum brake “tip-in” performance

AmeriPRO Shoes
Features & Benefits:

  • Engineered for perfect braking
    • SAE testing protocols followed
  • Friction is designed to work like OE and to synthesize with the front disc braking
  • Premium coated steel ensures optimum performance and great product service life
  • Include levers where applicable
  • Full coverage for most automotive and light duty truck applications
    • Including full coverage of Parking Brake Shoes
  • Competitively positioned


Formulations optimized for safety, quiet, clean and great value
Form, Fit & Function that meet or exceed OE designs
100% North American Manufactured
An American owned company