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Improve Defrost Performance

Cabin Air Filter Maintenance

Replacing cabin air filters
improves the performance of the
vehicle’s air conditioning,
heating and defrost systems


AirQualitee Cabin Air Filters

Coverage and Technology

ISO tested meeting strict
quality standards for efficiency and flow
and cover 98.2% of the market

Cabin Air Filters

Cabin air filters are the fastest growing repair segment with over 40 million vehicles in North America that now require cabin air filter replacement. CAF are a great revenue driver, a low inventory investment and require minimal space to stock. They also provide …

A cabin air filter is a fundamental part of a vehicle’s passenger compartment defrost, heating and cooling systems. Cabin filters function like the furnace filter in a home by filtering out the impurities and pollutants that flow in from the outside. As the filter media becomes saturated with impurities, airflow through the media is restricted. Studies have found that air quality inside a vehicle can be up to six times worse than the quality of air outside the vehicle. Instincts to keep the windows rolled up only complicate the situation by trapping harmful fumes and particles inside the cabin.

Like other maintenance products, they have a scheduled service requirement. Depending on the type
of filter, recommended replacement intervals can range from once a year or every 15,000 miles up to 3 years
or 30,000 miles.

Cabin Air Filters are designed to:

  • Improve the performance of the vehicle’s air conditioning, heating
    and defrost systems while improving the airflow in the interior cabin space
  • Keep pollen, spores, road dust and soot from getting inside your vehicle
  • Help keep the interior of your vehicle clean
  • Reduce the amount of contaminants entering your lungs

Installation Instruction Video

AirQualitee Cabin Air Filters

AirQualitee cabin air filters are produced in ISO certified facilities using the highest quality materials.
Our filter media is ISO tested and meets our strict quality standards for efficiency and flow. The AirQualitee cabin filter program is the market leader for coverage, media technology and customer installation tools. We are committed to continued development and introduction of new part numbers quickly. We continue to research and develop new technology to insure our superior advantage in coverage and quality versus any and all competition. Through our joint venture operation we sell and supply more cabin filters than any other
North American competitor.

Included in every filter package are concise, printed application instructions in multiple languages.
These industry leading instructions make for fast and correct installation.

Additionally, AirQualitee cabin air filters have the most comprehensive application specific video
installation instructions.

Features & Benefits

  • Factory processes
    • Built to exacting OE specifications
      Media matches what came on the car off the assembly line
    • OE designs — fit, form, and function
      Measured to drawing tolerances
  • Manufactured to OEM media specifications
    • Particulate or carbon
  • Remove over 90% of particles larger than
    3 microns
  • Product is 100% test fitted in OE housings
    • Ensures fast, easy and problem-free installation
  • Clean out of the box — (bagged)
  • 98.2% market coverage and growing
    • Market coverage leader
  • Quick installation; over 85% can be installed in fifteen (15) minutes or less
    • Tri-lingual printed instructions with each filter ensure proper installation