VGX Platinum Brake Rotors


Best-in-Class performance resulting in
quiet operation and long service life


Performance Plus Drums

Corrosion Resistant

100% inspected for accuracy of bolt holes,
center holes, TIR (Total Indicated Run-Out),
thickness, diameter, and weight

VGX Platinum Brake Rotor Series

VGX Platinum Rotors meet and exceed the performance of original equipment rotors. These rotors have more carbon content, painted hubs, and a new dry-oil protective coating. The new Carbon+ Rotor now services the vehicle even better, with optimal thermal conductivity, and a higher resistance to distortion and thermal cracking. The improved dry-oil protective coating protects even longer against corrosion. Dipped and not sprayed, the dry-oil finish protects on both vented and non-vented rotors. This dry film does not need to be cleaned off the rotor at installation – it is “ready to go” out of the box.

All VGX Platinum Rotors are engineered to withstand the service duty requirements of high energy stopping that emergency vehicles demand. They provide best-in-class performance coupled with quiet operation and long life. Used with VGX disc pads, this combination will exceed the expectations and demands of all customer unique vehicle service requirements without sacrificing every day braking comfort.

Quality & Safety

Our precise research and development process assures you are buying a rotor that meets or exceeds the original in performance. All our products are objectively tested by accredited independent laboratories:
Link Engineering Labs – Conformity Assessment Certification and Greening Labs.

  • SAE J2928 – Tests for stability during high heat braking conditions
  • SAE J2933 – Modal test to assure quiet operation
  • SAE J431 – Verifies material composition and properties (stability and strength)

Performance Plus Rotors & Drums

Performance Plus products are globally manufactured under strict ISO standards and meet SAE J431 standards. Although priced as an economy rotor, Performance Plus drums and rotors are 100% inspected for accuracy of bolt holes, center holes, TIR (Total Indicated Run-Out), thickness, diameter and weight. The bottom line – Performance Plus drums and rotors meet or exceed all original equipment standards. Performance Plus rotors cover over 98% vehicles in operation (VIO) for all cars and light trucks on the road today.


VGX Platinum
Features & Benefits:

  • Vertically integrated OE manufacturing
    (design, foundry, machining and packaging)
  • Specific metallurgy — excellent stability and heat dissipation
    • Enhanced structural composition content assists with quiet performance
    • Carbon +
      Noise abatement
      Maximizes heat transfer for cooler braking under extreme conditions
  • Concentric grooves
    • Patented finish provides industry leading friction effectiveness right out of the box
  • Most technologically advanced casting and machining process always produces a perfectly balanced rotor
  • Dry-oil chemical composite —
    corrosion protective coating
  • 100% inspected bolt holes and center holes
  • 9% greater mass than competitive premium specific products
    • More mass assists with critical heat dissipation
  • Over 567 parts available for the most popular late model passenger and light truck vehicles
  • Unique multi-use shipping container