VGX Brake Pad Kits

All you need:

Platinum Ceramic and Stealth Semi-Met
come with the industry's most
leading and complete hardware


VGX Brake Pad Sets

OE Matched

Ceramic and Semi-Metallic
come with a full set of pads

VGX Brake Pad Series

VGX Brake Pads are all North American made, manufactured and packaged in our own brake plant located in Cambridge Ontario. The materials and components are North American made as well. This hands-on quality results in a clean, quiet brake pad that has reliable performance and a great pedal feel on passenger car and light truck applications. The Brake Pad program includes Premium Ceramic, Premium Semi-Metallic and Severe Duty formulations. VGX Brake Pads are proven to deliver industry-leading performance and wear characteristics and are competitively priced.

VGX Brake Pad Clamshell Kits – Best Value

VGX Platinum Ceramic—VGX Stealth Semi-Metallic

The VGX Kit is the right choice for a correct brake system repair to restore the system to a “like new” condition. It comes with complete hardware and lube that prevent unnecessary comebacks due to system issues often unrelated to the friction. The hardware is the Industry’s first and best noise abatement hardware. The premium high temp lubrication is proportioned for an individual brake service. All components of these kits are clearly visible because they are shrink-wrapped on protective backer-board before being slid inside the informative graphic box.

VGX Clamshell Kit Features & Benefits:

  • Competitively manufactured in North America
  • Performance enhanced formulas
  • Industry first and best; unique and complete noise abatement hardware; not only abutment clips, yet all other necessary rubber components and caliper hardware
    • All necessary attached hardware to repair your brake system to “like new” condition
    • For optimum performance and system harmony, use all the necessary supplied hardware
    • New hardware can prevent unnecessary comebacks due to system issues not related to the friction
  • Premium OE shim materials – best noise abating technology available
  • 100% OE matched noise abating slots, chamfers and wear sensor design

VGX Brake Pad Sets – Great Value

VGX Ceramic—VGX Semi-Metallic

  • Competitively manufactured in North America
  • Premium friction formulas
  • Abutment hardware included (where applicable)
  • Meets or exceeds OE performance requirements
  • Meets all applicable state toxicology requirements